Meet The Comedienne


Moore Laughter is Good for the Soul​

Angela describes stand-up comedy as "exhilarating ... a faith walk and risky, because you never know how audiences will respond to your comedic style."  She encourages others to act on the gifts and talents God Blesses them with. "After all you never know what will happen," she said.          

The late Famous Boxer, Muhammad Ali said, "He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life." 

Angela has a Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communications from Norfolk State University, and a Masters Degree in Business.

Experience Moore Laughter Entertainment, with Comedienne Angela Moore! She Jokes to Inspire Laughter through the gift of comedy, whether it’s doing stand-up or emceeing/hosting events. She is known for performing clean comedy, no cursing.

Prior to the Pandemic, 
Angela performed at comedy clubs, community events, churches, and other special occasions, additionally, she has done stand-up comedy in Anguilla, British West Indies.  Since the Pandemic, she has done stand-up comedy virtually and in person. Angela has appeared on national TV, NewsOne Now with Roland Martin on TV One and Roku TV.  Before Podcasts were trendy, she created, hosted and produced her own internet radio program called, 'The Laugh Lounge' on WPGR.TV (internet radio). The weekly radio show increased the stations listening audience during its time on the air. 

In 2016 Angela created and begin producing, promoting and hosting the very popular 'The Moore Laughter Clean Comedy Shows'.  She still books comedians to perform to mostly sold-out audiences who enjoy laughing at comedy without the cursing or vulgarity. Angela was the recipient of The 2017 LOL (Living On Laughter) Trailblazer Award for her efforts in creating The Moore Laughter Clean Comedy Shows, from the LOLGCA (Living On Laughter Gospel Comedy Association).

Since an early age, Angela has always loved talking on the microphone (the mic).  As a child, she used 'the mic' to recite poetry and oratorical pieces for various programs at her childhood church and school events. Angela decided to take a chance and premiere her Stand-up Comedy ability at a church talent show. The audience’s laughter helped her discover a new passion . . . telling jokes. In addition to doing stand-up comedy, Angela also loves being an Actress.